Friday, June 12, 2009

lectures over - workshop starting

is it important for anyone who maybe reads this to know that the lectures are over and that the workshop started, or well, is supposed to start.
more questions than answers...
but however, somethings going on, and we will have some kind of results.
on 20th june is "the cultural night" here in vilnius and we are going to present the outcome of our time here.

Monday, June 8, 2009

abandoned prison

corina visited this abandoned collapse of a building, used to be prison till probably 1990.
(the year the russians occupation of lithuania ended )
the abandoned prison is next to one thats still in use.
nowaday this place is a spot for unsheltered people and graffiti sprayers,
corina went there with some graffiti people.
interesting is the fact that the place must have been left in quite a hurry since there are many things still lying there, most astonishing there are still chemicals in bottle tanks.
after some time exploring this place and starting new graffiti some private security guys arrived and corina and her party had to leave.
following some of the picture she took at this place.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

what did we expect?

the first week is over,
kinda rough time we spent the first days
between dozens of memorials, rain and not so good going trys to get discussions going...

maybe it must go like this when so many different people try to get into
such a tough subject in like no time.

but i think were making progress and i guess this week will hold
some more positive expiriences for us.

Today Johanna and Helmut Kandl arrived here,
tomorrow theyre going to give theire first lecture,
think this will be interesting.

i hope that in the next time some of the other people here also
use this blog as a possibility to share and contribute theire
thoughts and impressions about our project.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

memorials worth knowing...

this is us, getting known with some of the popular monuments in vilnius.
the weather was nice too. ;)

i hope someone will reply and write some usefull information about the different monuments...

getting started

Public space and memory topics constantly reoccur in the European discourses on art and history. There is a number of successful and meaninggful commemorational projects realised in Europe and elsewhere. However, a great number of public monuments are still produced according to traditional clich├ęs, which neither move human senses, nor liven up our memory.

This three-week-long course aims to present international practices of contemporary alternative memorial building. It also gives the participants an opprtunity to test their skills in this particular field and to work on their own memorial project under the guidance of tutors and guest speakers.
---- text from the official site ----
( )

we're 21 students from different places in europe.
we're going to work here from the 1.-21.june.
please look at the site of the vda -
the vilnius dailes akademija,
they offer a great introduction and overview about our project.

the content of this blog isnt defined yet.
now, as im setting it up, after inviting all other 21 participants as co-creators, i hope we can exchange ourselfs interest and experiences, helping us to find people who wanna work together.
another part could be a documentation of our trips in text, picture and videos.

all participants shall feel free to extend this blog with whatever content they want.

hope this will be helpful for our work,
and interesting to read for all who are interested
in our project and the subject we work on.